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The Queen Symphony – An orchestral performance at the Seedamm Mall, Switzerland on 7 February 2015. Takes a few minutes to get going while everyone gets into position, so you can skip forward to about the 3-minute mark if you wish, but it’s good fun when they get into it. Voice Of Unity & PSM Cantate Domino – A lovely version recorded from people’s homes in the summer of 2020, during the Covid pandemic. University Of Exeter Chapel Choir https://rehaish.pk/there-are-a-few-complete-truths-that-these-utterly-10/ – Maybe I’m biased as a former student of this fine university, but I think this version is glorious. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Choir – An upbeat version performed at a Varsity Sings concert.

Battle Of The Choirs Australia Finalists – A joint performance by University of Newcastle Chamber Choir, Vox Synergy & Harambee on 3 August 2008. Lucie Halamíková – A performance at the piano by the lead singer of Lucie & The Diamonds . Grey DeLisle – A slow country version of the ballad section from herIron Flowers album. Emilie Autumn – Released on an EP with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and also performed live in concert, as can be heard from WGN TV on 8 October 2009& Orlando, Florida on 17 October 2009. Cosette – A very powerful performance, backed by the 60-strong Cinematic Pop Choir and the London Symphony Orchestra. William Shatner – A strange spoken word version from his album Seeking Major Tom.

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Kids – A powerful performance by these young stars, in a mashup with Somebody To Love. Stevie Ritchie – On Week 5 of the live shows for The X Factor UK in 2014. Prince Poppycock – A very camp performance during the Season 5 Semi-Final of America’s Got Talent in 2016, covering the operatic section onwards. Nikki, Anamaría & Angie – A battle performance The Voice Teens Colombia in 2016. Cappella – A very impressive kids choir https://shahidnet.stream/2020/12/24/if-you-ve-been-playing-poker-online-for-a-while-12/, who perform the entire song https://thedigiskool.com/tennis-forum-can-be-really-a-website-for-tennis-6/ for their audition on Georgia’s Got Talent in 2018.

Peter Hollens – This adds a bit of actual guitar by Stevie T to the impressive layered vocals. His fun video incorporates lots of movie references as well. Fuzzbox – A deliberately messy version by this female quartet that doesn’t take itself at all seriously.

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It was included on the 12″ versions of their single What’s The Point, which got to number 51. The Austonettes – A fast but well-performed live rendition by this all-female group from Austin, Texas.

Hoërskool Rustenburg Choir, Rustenburg High School, South Africa – A fantastic cover with a very stylish http://www.mangani1958.it/horseracing-is-a-favorite-game-it-is-often-a/ music video. Esperanza Azteca – A beautiful concert performance backed by a full orchestra. Eliza Fyfe’s Singing Students – Choirantine – Sung from their homes during the 2020 Covid pandemic.

They’ve also shared some amusing outtakes, and the song was featured on the news in BBC Points West. Trinidad de Valencia http://www.alashrafiyah.com/horse-racing-can-be-a-popular-game-it-hasbeen-a-7/ – Performed live at a choral contest, winning first prize in the youth section for the second year in a row. Christ University Choir – A 2017 performance by this group from India. Rock4 – An arrangement from their impressive cover of the entire album, which they also performed live at the Dutch Queen Convention on 23 October 2010. Qw4rtz – A good performance by this Canadian group from a 2019 telethon.

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